Meditation Mudras- – The Hidden meaning behind it!

Hand MudrasSymbols of Deeper Meaning
The symbolic gestures of the hands of Buddha images, called mudras, are picture tools of identification of deeper meaning.:

Mudras are an essential part of meditation and yoga. When done in proper form the mudra / meditation combination and mudra / yoga combination helps the mind and body both spiritually, mentally and physically.






The Gesture of Teaching (Dharmacakra Mudra) with both hands in front of the breast, tips of the index finger and the thumps touching.
The Gift bestowing Gesture of Compassion (Varada Mudra) the right hand pendant with the palm turned outwards.
The Gesture of Meditation (Samadhi Mudra) with both hands resting on the lap, palms upwards.
The Gesture of Fearlessness (Abhaya Mudra) the right hand slightly elevated, the palm turned outwards, also called the Gesture of Renunciation.
The Gesture of Debate explaining the Buddha’s teachings (Vitaka Mudra) with the hands raised and the tips of the forefingers and the thumbs touch each other.
The Gesture Warding off Evil (Tarjani Mudra) with forefinger and little finger outstretched.
The Gesture of Prayer (Namaskara Mudra) with the palms folded together.
The Gesture Beyond Misery (Buddha-Shramana Mudra) also called an ascetic’s Gesture of Renunciation.
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